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HIA Silica Awareness Series

Arriving home covered in dust was once a sign of a hard day’s work, now it should ring alarm bells.

Silicosis is a serious, irreversible lung disease. The disease is caused by prolonged exposure to breathing in dust that contains crystalline silica. The disease causes loss of lung function, leading to shortness of breath and other serious consequences such as lung cancer. Understanding the risks should be a priority to protect your health, your workers health and your business.

Protect your health - protect your business

HIA has designed a series of information sessions to enable you to hear from the experts on the dangers of Silica in the workplace, how to avoid the risks and work safely with products containing Silica. This series is designed to be attended by builders and trade contractors (carpenters, bricklayers, tilers, concreters, electricians).

The HIA National ‘Silica Awareness’ Seminar Series will provide advice on:

  • What is silica and what products it features in
  • What are the rules for working with it
  • How can builders and tradies work safely with products containing silica
  • What are the appropriate cutting tools and PPE
  • What is health and air monitoring
  • Where do I get further information and support.

Hear from the experts, government representatives and special guest speakers on what action has been taken and what rules will be enforced in the near future.