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Policy summits

New home construction in Australia is experiencing its longest trend decline in post war history and the sector has endured three recessions in the last 12 years. This situation has had significant negative consequences not only for the sector itself, but for the wider domestic economy given the large flow-on impact that residential construction activity has through the wider economy.

An even deeper issue is the social consequences emanating from lack of adequate, affordable shelter and the growing trend of housing preferences in Australia being replaced with involuntary living arrangements. A failure to address the fundamental constraints to adequate and affordable housing - including a tight credit supply, excessive and inefficient taxation, and weak demand conditions post the Global Financial Crisis - will have an adverse impact on Australia’s social and economic outcomes.

The HIA Building Better Cities ‘Housing Australia’s Future’ Summit was staged to investigate the causes behind the demand and supply side constraints facing the housing sector, and consider possible solutions. Attendees at the Summit heard first hand from a distinguished list of local and international speakers who shared their experience and explored the options for the future.

The address to the Summit by keynote speaker, Shadow Treasurer the Hon Joe Hockey, was televised live on ABC News 24.

Presentation overviews (pdf, 5MB)
Closing address and summary (pdf, 290KB)
Media Release 1 July 2013 - Housing Affordability Everyone’s Problem (pdf, 252.75KB)
Media Release 3 July 2013 - Summit to Discuss Future of Australian Housing (pdf, 217.47KB)
Media Release 4 July 2013 - Summit Addresses Future Housing Supply (pdf, 174.61KB)