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Greens Policies

HIA 2018 Victorian State Election Policy Overview – Greens Policies

The Greens have released a plan for Victoria. Here is a summary of some of the policies announced by the Greens Party during the 2018 state election that may impact housing, provided from the Plan and associated election platform material.

Housing Affordability and Planning

  • Mandate inclusionary zoning in all new developments and activity centres, mixed use areas, urban renewal and residential growth zones. 
  • Introduce a fast track planning system for affordable development
  • Introduce mandatory height controls and minimum apartment sizes
  • Greater protection for Green wedges and the Urban Growth Boundary
  • Introduce measures to mitigate urban heat 
  • All new residential and commercial development to achieve a minimum 8 star rating
  • Increased third party views as part of the planning process
  • Review the general residential zone height provisions
  • Undertake a Parliamentary Inquiry into the Planning and Environment Act.

Greens  - Housing and Social Housing

  • Build 40,000 new public housing dwellings over the next six years, and build a further 40,000 public, community and other affordable homes in the six years from 2025
  • Stop the sell-off of public housing estates and utilise inner-city public land for additional public housing development.
  • Support the community housing sector with an investment of $200m in the next two years.
  • Require a minimum of 30% public, community or affordable homes in all new large-scale housing developments.
  • Introduce a $100m pilot of the Housing First homelessness program in Melbourne.