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Labor Policies

HIA 2018 Victorian State Election Policy Overview – Labor Party Policies

Here is a summary of some of the policies announced by the Labor Party during the 2018 state election that may impact housing, provided from the party’s election platform material.

A broad ranging 2018 platform is being taken to the election. It covers all areas of the housing industry including housing, land supply, infrastructure development and social housing proposals. Here are some of the key policies in the platform.


  • Introduce a Suburban Rail Loop to circle Melbourne’s suburbs from Cheltenham to Melbourne Airport, with 12 new underground stations connecting our southern, eastern, and northern suburbs.
  • Airport Rail link and new regional Super hubs to interchange with the underground network
  • Further removal of level crossings
  • Duplication of rail lines between Cranbourne and Dandenong
  • Rail link for Clyde
  • Continue construction of the Westgate Tunnel
  • Continue to advance the development of the North-East Link

Other Planning and Housing Matters

  • New standards for apartment buildings, requiring green space, sun protection and safe cladding
  • Release of 100,000 new housing lots by the end of this year
  • Update state-wide planning policies for land use in Victoria and require councils to regularly update their Municipal Strategic Statements:
  • Reform and simplify planning requirements through the Smart Planning process;
  • Protect third party rights to ensure access and fairness at both local government and VCAT, with the outcome of well-founded decisions on land use application;
  • Benchmark council planning processes to ensure transparent, timely and effective planning administration by local government.

Social Housing

  • Support, maintain and grow Victorian’s public housing stock;
  • Create 1,000 new public housing properties to address homelessness, particularly for women and children fleeing family violence
  • promote and expand not-for-profit, community Housing Associations and Housing Providers
  • Increase the supply of community housing
  • Encourage local government to develop policies for facilitating social and affordable housing through Affordable Housing Agreements, enabling inclusionary housing policy outcomes at the local level
  • Apply inclusionary zoning principles to ensure affordable rentals are incorporated into major developments
  • Support policy settings that allow for institutional investment in rental housing, including build-to-rent schemes
  • Ensure that Development Victoria and other statutory authorities deliver a range of housing options at suitable sites across the State using the redevelopment of under-utilised urban sites to achieve appropriate urban densities of housing, including social housing
  • Ensure Victoria’s planning system and building regulations require new construction to incorporate universal design principles

Climate Change/Energy Efficiency

  • Improve energy efficiency of Victorian building stock;
  • Make effective use of climate-sensitive urban design;
  • Reduce demand for transport through effective urban planning; and
  • Support renewable energy and storage development through planning laws.

OHS  - Industrial Manslaughter

  • Introduction of an industrial manslaughter offence. Under the proposed new law, employers will face fines of almost $16 million and individuals responsible for negligently causing death will be held to account and face up to 20 years in jail.


  • A skills package to enhance vocational training  and apprenticeship training as well as boosting completions