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Managing your business

When you’re busy running a building business, BPN gives you advice when you need it and helps you keep up with industry changes, trends and innovations, and stay on top of ongoing paperwork and industry requirements.

Help protecting your business

HIA staff can help you with professional and practical advice and assistance on workplace, regulatory or business matters such as:

  • Making sure you get paid for any work completed
  • Help with handling disputes
  • Advice on how to use contracts to protect you and your business

More about legal services
Discounts on contracts and documents

Practical support for your business



  • Download guides for tips on everything from tax, cash flow to business planning, IT and marketing. Go to Guides.
  • Download building contracts that you can personalise with your business details, logo then email to clients. Go to Contracts Online.

Online services


  • Invitations to training, short workshops, seminars or nationally accredited training courses. Read more about HIA Training Courses.

More information

Call 1300 650 620 or email your question to the BPN team.