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Manufacturers & suppliers

As a manufacturer or supplier member of HIA, you have access to a suite of services tailored to meet your unique needs.

HIA Manufacturers & Suppliers member gets:

  • Access to current market information
  • Opportunities to use HIA channels to reach your target market
  • Invitations to develop strategic partnerships
  • The chance to get your voice heard at government level.

Develop strategic partnerships and connect to your target audience

Partnering with HIA allows you to access centrally managed marketing opportunities. You can use HIA communication channels to promote products, services, new product launches or news to a large sector of the industry.

Promote directly to a large consumer base

Your HIA membership allows you to take advantage of one of Australia’s largest and most dynamic home inspiration website: Members also have access to two real-world Home Inspirations Centres to promote directly to consumers.

Forecast and budget using leading-edge market information

The HIA Economics Group is a leader in the collection, analysis and presentation of facts, figures and forecasts relevant to Australia’s housing and renovation industries. Take advantage of their research and broadcasts.

Get substantial savings on contracts and industry products

Being a member of HIA allows you the advantage of substantial savings on an exclusive range of products including contracts, documentation and signage. Visit Shop@HIA

Have your voice represented at the table

As Australia’s largest building industry association, HIA’s national strength and influence ensures members’ views and concerns are heard by all levels of government. Read about HIA lobbying and policy development.