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Updated Water Meter Relocation Process (WA)

July 22, 2020

The WA Water Corporation have recently issued guidance on the new water meter relocation process seeking to ensure that the process is clear and effective for any modifications to the water supply for a property. 

This process is prescribed to ensure any property is not without water for longer than the minimum necessary time to make a new connection.

All works must be carried out by a licensed plumber, and all plumbers are reminded to use electrical bondage straps on all pipework before breaking existing connections.

What’s the new process?

A licensed plumber must provide a temporary water supply from the internal-side of the existing meter bend location, to a new brass connection in the agreed location, ready to accept the relocated water meter.

The new brass connection must then continue the existing water supply to the property with a permanent connection.

This process will ensure a continued supply service to the property, with only the works required to relocate the meter and make new junctions interrupting the supply service.

Customers should review the requirements around relocating an existing water meter (found at the Water Corporation’s website here), before agreeing to any new internal pipework locations.

What about the water meter connection itself?

The water meter remains an asset of the Water Corporation.

The relocation of the mains supply service, to the asset, is scheduled once payment for the Meter Relocation Service has been received and confirmation is provided that the internal pipework has been relocated by a licensed plumber. The Water Corporation will not provide temporary pipework relocation services within any property boundary.

The Water Corporation’s Water Supply Service Fees remain the same, being a fee for a relocation under 500mm distance (whereby only pipe manipulation is required), and a fee for relocation over 500mm distance (where a new mains cut-in is required). 

Additional fees are also payable if the new meter location is agreed to, below ground – in which case, a cast-iron inspection box will be required as well.

What if I have any questions?

The Water Corporation cannot advise on general plumbing requirements or technical matters surrounding internal plumbing (within a property boundary). These queries should be forwarded either to HIA Technical, Department of Mines, Industry and Regulation (DMIRS) Building and Energy division, or the Plumbers Technical Advice Line on 1300 360 897.

For further information on these requirements, HIA members can contact HIA’s Building Services team on 1300 650 620 or email