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Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2019 - QLD

February 11, 2020

This Information Sheet provides a reproduced copy of a recent news flash developed by the Department of Housing and Public Works Queensland on new plumbing and drainage laws that came into effect on 1 July 2019.

Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2019 (PDR 2019)

In relation to the inspection of permit work the PDR 2019 sets out the:

  • inspection process
  • alternatives to local government inspections
  • requirements for issuing inspection and final certificates.

All permit work will continue to be inspected by local government or a public sector entity. There are no changes to the stages of work required to be inspected.

Calling for an inspection

The responsible person (plumber) for the work must make a request to a local government to inspect the plumbing and drainage permit work. The stages of the work which must be inspected are prescribed in the PDR 2019. Generally, work needs to be inspected prior to being covered, or no later than five days after a stage has been reached.

Inspection certificate

The inspection certificate is an approved form (Form 18A or 18B) used by a local government or a public sector entity to record the inspection results of a stage of plumbing and drainage work as authorised by the permit. The certificate states that the permit work is compliant with the code requirements. Depending on the stage of work, the inspection certificate may also state that some or all of the work is operational and fit for use.

If the work comprises only part of the work authorised by the permit, an inspection certificate will only be issued if the responsible person makes a written request to the local government. The certificate must be given within two business days after the work has been inspected or the local government has been given a covered work declaration.

Alternatives to local government inspections

There are some instances where a local government may accept a declaration or a report from a responsible person for the plumbing and drainage work. These include:

  • Form 3 — Covered work declaration
  • Form 5 — Testing or commissioning report
  • Form 6 — Remote area compliance declaration
  • Form 8 — On-site sewage work declaration.

Final inspection certificates

The approved Form 19—Final inspection certificate is used by local government or a public sector entity to certify that the permit work is compliant, operational, and fit for use.

This form:

  • can be issued when either all work under the permit, or a distinct part of the work (e.g. one or more town houses in a complex) is complete.
  • is given to the responsible person for the work and copies are provided to the permit holder and owner.

Using plumbing and drainage before inspection or final inspection given

A person must not use plumbing or drainage that is the result of permit work, unless an inspection certificate or final inspection certificate has been issued stating that the work is operational and fit for use. There is a maximum penalty of 250 penalty units ($32,637.50 current from 1 July 2018).

When inspection certificates are not given

A local government is not required to give an inspection certificate or a final inspection certificate if an action notice has been issued in relation to the work or part of the work, and the action notice has:

  • not been complied with
  • been appealed and the appeal has not ended
  • required an amended permit and the permit has not been amended.

Failure to give certificate

If the local government fails to give an inspection certificate or final inspection certificate the responsible person is entitled to be given an information notice.

Information notice

An information notice about a local government decision is a notice stating the decision and the reasons for the decision. The notice also states that the person given the notice may appeal the decision to the Development Tribunal.

Local government registers

A local government must keep a register containing a copy of each inspection certificate or final inspection certificate given by the local government in relation to permit work. These documents must be kept until the building or structure to which the document relates is demolished or removed.

For further clarification and information on these matters, HIA members can contact HIA’s Building Services team on 1300 650 620 or email