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Using saws in fire danger season - SA

April 15, 2021

New regulations have been introduced that now allow drop saws and circular saws to be used at any time during the fire danger season. This result was achieved through consultation between the HIA and the Country Fire Service.

What do the new regulations require?

During the fire danger season, a person must not operate an appliance in the open air unless:

  • the space immediately around and above the appliance is cleared of all flammable vegetation to a distance of at least 10 m; and 
  • an appropriate agent to extinguish a fire is at hand; and 
  • the person controlling an appliance is present at all times while it is in use or alight.

These regulations are similar to previous requirements.

What is an appliance?

An appliance is a tool that produces any of the following activities:

  • gas welding or soldering with an exposed flame
  • metal cutting
  • metal grinding
  • metal abrasion

A tool used for wood cutting is not considered an appliance under these regulations and is therefore exempt. Previously circular saws and drop saws used for cutting timber were activities caught by the regulations but are now exempt.

When are appliances banned?

Where a total fire ban day has been imposed, a person must not operate one of the listed appliance’s above in open air within that zone.

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