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Information sheets

HIA information sheets cover a wide range of industry topics. Prepared by HIA information specialists, they are designed to help HIA members answer questions about a variety of complex areas. You can search by category. Members can also talk to HIA for additional help and support.


  • ABCB Sanitary Facilities Calculator – Now Live

    A common question HIA receives in the design & use of Class 2-9 buildings is - how many toilets, hand basins, accessible facilities, etc. do I need to provide for X number of people? To assist you to better understand and apply the sanitary and other facilities provisions, the ABCB have developed a "Sanitary Facilities Calculator" which helps to calculate this for you.

  • Building Permit Amendments and the Planning Permit - Vic

    HIA often receives calls from members raising concern where a minor amendment occurs to the building of a home. The main issue is the inconsistency in the way relevant building surveyors approach dealing with a minor variation. The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) have two documents on their website that provide advice on planning and building consistency.

  • Building and Development Certifiers Regulation 2020 (NSW)

    This information sheet provides an overview of the key changes to NSW Building and Development Certifiers Regulation 2020

  • Bushfire standard now available

    Bushfire standard now available at no direct cost for users HIA recently advised members that they will have easier access to the bushfire construction standard AS 3959 following an agreement by Standards Australia to waive the cost for access to the standard.

  • Complying development in bushfire areas - NSW

    This information sheet has been prepared to assist HIA members to understand the regulations and guidelines regarding use of complying development in bushfire areas in NSW.

  • Low Rise Housing Diversity Code - NSW

    HIA assists members in understand the Low Rise Housing Diversity Code, previously called the Low Rise Density Housing Code

  • Minister for Planning - Amended Notice of Exemptions - WA

    Amendment to notice from the Minister of Planning of a Schedule outlining the planning requirement exemptions, the local planning scheme affected by them and any conditions of the exemptions.

  • NCC 2019 Energy Efficiency Requirements - WA

    NCC 2019 energy efficiency changes that was proposed to come into effect this coming May, will be deferred and not apply in WA.

  • NCC 2019 Energy Efficiency Requirements - What do these mean for Tasmania?

    The National Construction Code (NCC) 2019 provisions contain wide reaching changes, this included to the energy efficiency provisions. Given the scope of the changes the ABCB provided industry with additional 12 month transition period for the energy efficiency changes to familiarise themselves with the changes.

  • NCC Energy Efficiency Verification Using Reference Building Method

    This information sheet provides advice to members about the release of a video by the ABCB on changes to reference building method and how to apply the method.