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Information sheets

HIA information sheets cover a wide range of industry topics. Prepared by HIA information specialists, they are designed to help HIA members answer questions about a variety of complex areas. You can search by category. Members can also talk to HIA for additional help and support.


  • Leaving frames exposed to the weather

    Guidance on temporarily bracing of structure to ensure it remains unaffected in the event that you may need to pause the construction of a house for an extended period of time.

  • NCC 2019 Energy Efficiency Requirements - WA

    NCC 2019 energy efficiency changes that was proposed to come into effect this coming May, will be deferred and not apply in WA.

  • Planning Regulations (Amendment Regulations) 2020 and bushfire-prone areas

    Planning Regulation Amendment Regulations 2020 were gazetted on 18 December 2020. A Table has been introduced that outlines the exemptions for development approvals, which includes single houses and ancillary dwellings. This table changed the way bushfire requirements are referenced. Single Houses and Ancillary Dwellings proposed for lots over 1,100m², in Bushfire Prone areas, are not exempt from requiring a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessment and applying Part 10A of the Local Planning Scheme Regulations 2015; being the need for a Development Approval.

  • Planning and development amendment bill 2020

    The WA State Government have introduced the first phase of a Planning Reform Bill to Parliament

  • Section J Changes - Are you Prepared?

    This information sheet provides a breakdown of the key NCC 2019 Volume One Section J energy Efficiency changes.

  • WA Planning and Development Amendment Bill 2020

    The Planning and Development Amendment Bill 2020 has passed through both houses of parliament, paving the way for the amended Bill to be adopted.