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Information sheets

HIA information sheets cover a wide range of industry topics. Prepared by HIA information specialists, they are designed to help HIA members answer questions about a variety of complex areas. You can search by category. Members can also talk to HIA for additional help and support.


  • BCA Energy efficiency compliance options (284KB) This item/page is locked

    This information sheet provides an overview of the different BCA compliance pathways for meeting the energy efficiency requirements.

  • BCA Gutter Overflow provisions (322KB) This item/page is locked

    This information sheet provides an overview of the BCA gutter overflow requirements that were introduced in 2016.

  • Changes to NBN in New Developments (66KB) This item/page is locked

    This information sheet sets out the changes to the NBN policy that introduces charges for new developments to receive NBN infrastructure.

  • Determining Bushfire Risk - WA (250KB)

    This information sheet provides an introduction to the considerations to be made when determining bushfire risk in WA

  • Extension of transition provisions for NCC 2019 - WA

    Recently announced Building Regulations Amendment that provides an additional twelve (12) months to adopt NCC 2019, now 1 May 2021 in Western Australia.

  • Minister for Planning - Amended Notice of Exemptions - WA

    Amendment to notice from the Minister of Planning of a Schedule outlining the planning requirement exemptions, the local planning scheme affected by them and any conditions of the exemptions.

  • NCC 2019 Out of Cycle Amendment – WA

    At the request of Building Ministers, the ABCB has issued an out of cycle amendment to the National Construction Code (NCC) 2019. The amendments are mostly relevant to NCC Volume One (Class 2-9), but there are elements that will affect Class 1 residential buildings; including the additional administrative requirements for Performance Solutions which will result in increased time for approval, costs in development of solutions, and additional red tape particularly for straight forward Performance Solutions for houses.

  • New building standard for non-combustible external walls - WA (285KB) This item/page is locked

    This information sheet provides an overview of new building standards for non-combustible external walls on mid and high rise buildings in Western Australia that recently took effect.

  • Revised NBN Design Guidelines (62KB) This item/page is locked

    This information sheets explains the changes made by the NBN Co to their design standards for new subdivisions and new multi dwelling projects which require NBN fibre ready pit and pipe to be installed.

  • Section J Changes - Are you Prepared?

    This information sheet provides a breakdown of the key NCC 2019 Volume One Section J energy Efficiency changes.