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Silica Awareness Workshop

Arriving home covered in dust was once a sign of a hard day’s work, now it should ring alarm bells.

Silicosis is a serious, irreversible lung disease. The disease is caused by prolonged exposure to breathing in dust that contains crystalline silica. The disease causes loss of lung function, leading to shortness of breath and other serious consequences such as lung cancer. Understanding the risks should be a priority to protect your health, your workers health and your business.

Watch the Silicosis Awareness webinar series below.

Webinar Part 1

Presenter Simon Croft, Executive Director Building Policy HIA

This webinar provides an overview of the requirements for working with products containing respirable crystalline silica and what government actions are underway in response to the recent spike in incidents and what are some of the controls and solutions to work safely with products containing silica.

This webinar forms part of series of Silica Awareness Seminars that the Housing Industry Association (HIA) has ran across the country throughout 2019.

The other webinars in this series are complimentary and build on the information provided in this webinar.   



Webinar Part 2

Video safety alert – presented by Safe Work NSW




Webinar Part 3

Presenter Andrew Orfanos, President Elect Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists

This webinar is presented by the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH) and provides an overview of the work that occupational hygienists undertake and how they can assist you in meeting your obligations. The webinar also discusses the AIOH Breath Freely program and the resources they have produced and available to access.




Webinar Part 4

Presenter Peter Creswell, Product Marketing Manager, Husqvarna Construction Products

This webinar is presented by Husqvarna Construction Products and provides information on Husqvarna’s different tools and systems available to help you in meeting your WHS obligations and minimising exposure to silica while undertaking construction activities and what supporting resources are available about tool maintenance, correct use and dust and slurry management.




Webinar Part 5


Presenter Travis Allen, Director Allens Industrial Products

This webinar is presented by Allens Industrial Products and provides information on the different types of Personal Protective Equipment available, Fit Testing requirements and where to go to get further information.




Further information

Check with your local workplace health and safety authority to find out the requirements that

apply in your State or Territory and most authorities have released guidance and recommendations.

To find out go to your local health and safety authority’s website & enter “silica” in the search box.

For further clarification and information HIA members can contact HIA’s Building Services

team on 1300 650 620 or email