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Continuing Professional Development - Vic

June 01, 2020


The Victorian Government is now at its earliest stages of consultation on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for the building industry and has released an options paper for comment.

Several years ago the Victorian Government passed legislation to allow for new regulations to be developed for registered building practitioners to complete Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Whilst requesting updates over time, there has been very little information on when these regulations would be made. HIA has operated a voluntary CPD scheme for some time. The Government’s options includes both voluntary and mandatory CPD options for comment. HIA will make a submission on behalf of members and your comments are welcomed.

HIA Policy Position

HIA’s position on CPD has evolved over time and in recent years has moved towards supporting a sensible approach to CPD which focusses on enhancing the standing and professional standards in the building industry. HIA supports continuing improvement and professional development to achieve acceptable standards of building quality delivered by a competent and skilled workforce. HIA strongly encourages industry participants to keep up to date with changing industry developments.

However, HIA also believes that the introduction of any professional development schemes should be preceded by the preparation, by the relevant government, of an independent regulatory cost benefit assessment and an appropriate level of industry consultation.

CPD Consultation Paper

The Government has prepared a Consultation Paper outlining 3 high-level options for a proposal to introduce CPD requirements in Victoria, with a particular focus on the possible CPD training content that could form part of the scheme.



1. Maintain the status quo

This option would not introduce any mandatory CPD requirements. Practitioners may continue to voluntarily participate in CPD programs provided through industry associations or other means.

2. Introduce mandatory CPD with no compulsory subjects

This option would introduce mandatory CPD for building and plumbing practitioners but would allow subjects to be selected based on self-identified learning needs.

3. Introduce mandatory CPD with a mixture of compulsory and non-compulsory subjects

This option would introduce mandatory CPD for building and plumbing practitioners and prescribe some compulsory subjects. A potential compulsory subject is compliance with the National Construction Code.

Have your say

The purpose of this paper is to seek industry and the public’s views on the high-level options presented and to collect feedback. HIA will prepare a submission on behalf of members and send any comments you would like included to Peter Zagorski by 10 July via email to

A copy of the Consultation Paper can be obtained through Engage Victoria website.

For further assistance please contact Peter Zagorski Director Technical Services on 1300 650 620.