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COVID-19: member update #3

March 24, 2020

The residential building industry has a proven record in leading Australia out of economic crises. We did so during the post-GST and post-GFC recoveries and we will do it again post-coronavirus.

Until the COVID-19 has passed and society returns to normal, new home building is well placed to keep our national economy ticking over. But we have to demonstrate to governments and the public that we can continue to operate in a way that gives the highest priority to the safety of our workers, our clients and the public more broadly.

New home building sites meet and exceed Commonwealth and State/Territory Governments’ separation and distancing principles. There are many factors that enable our sites, our workforce and our supply chains to keep going over coming months, including the small number of workers on a housing site at any one time, each typically travelling to work in private or business vehicles rather than by public transport.

It is important that as an industry, and as individuals, we demonstrate our commitment and capacity to operate safe, secure and healthy work environments over coming weeks and months.

I urge members to continue to follow the Commonwealth and State/Territory Governments’ separation and distancing principles, to maintain a high level of hygiene on housing sites and to closely manage site access and security over coming weeks and months.

I have attached an industry guideline we have developed to assist you manage your work sites in this new operating environment - Making Space on Site: an industry guideline to manage COVID-19 on new housing sites.

Following this guideline will assist you to demonstrate your commitment to the ongoing health, safety and security of your sites and your workforce.

I suggest a copy be printed and placed on your worksites. Please feel free to make any adjustments to suit your own business operations.

A separate guideline for working on renovation and addition projects will be released shortly.