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COVID-19: VBA website updated

March 31, 2020

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) yesterday updated its website to outline new information to manage COVID-19 on building sites. 

The updates include reference to HIA’s Making Space on Site Industry Guidelines for house and renovation projects. 

The updates also include new information on the VBA’s role to ensure that the Guidelines are followed and that the health and safety of all building practitioners is being managed.

The VBA also advise that they will continue to audit and inspect building and plumbing work across Victoria to ensure compliance with the directives designed to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Any breach of a registered building practitioner’s duty to provide a safe workplace could result in the VBA taking disciplinary action. The police are also enforcing COVID-19 government directions in the community.

I would like to acknowledge the efforts of our members in sharing HIA’s Industry Guidelines for making space on housing sites to reduce the risk of COVID-19 with your staff, your contractors and your supply networks.

We encourage all home builders and sub-contractors to adopt and implement the Guidelines including displaying them on all work sites.  

Click here for the HIA Industry Guideline for new home sites.

Click here for the HIA industry Guideline for renovation/repair sites.

Taking action to protect your staff, your sub-contractors and the community is essential for every business and it is vital if our industry is to continue to build homes and complete renovation projects at this time. It is our highest priority – individually and collectively.  Taking action every day is also the key to helping our industry retain the critical support of government so that we can keep working.

HIA is working closely with the VBA to provide a central location for all relevant information for housing sites and notification to registered building practitioners. HIA encourages all members to constantly check the VBA website, along with HIA’s COVID-19 webpage to keep up to date with the constantly changing situation.

In addition there is information on this week’s Job Keeper Wages Subsidy now available here

For further Information on the VBA’s approach to building sites please contact Peter Zagorski on or 9280 8210.

For further information on Job Keeper Wages Subsidy contact a HIA Workplace Services Adviser on 1300 650 620.