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Housing Industry Open for Business - Vic

April 19, 2020

Making Space on Site - A Guide for New Homebuyers

While the housing industry remains open and operating under the current Stage 3 restrictions in place in Victoria, HIA members have shared with us their concerns that customer interest in buying a new home or starting a renovation project is declining during concerns about COVID-19.

To help members explain to potential customers why they can still consider building a new home or starting a home renovation, HIA released last Friday A guide for new home buyers and renovators which is part of the ‘Making Space On Site’ series.

Homebuyers or renovators can continue to attend meetings with their builder, visit a display home to make home buying decisions, a showroom or selection centre to carry out product selections or to attend required inspections of completed home building work.

We encourage you to share this new homebuyers guide with your future and existing clients to give them peace of mind.

Making Space on Site – new guidelines released

The HIA Making space on site series continues to grow with the release last Friday of two more industry guides, along with the new home buyer guide. Download and print a copy today.

  • An industry guideline to manage COVID-19 on kitchen & bathroom renovations
  • An industry guideline to manage COVID-19 on small commercial construction sites
  • An industry guideline to manage COVID-19 on new housing sites
  • An industry guideline to manage COVID-19 on renovation and repair sites
  • A homeowners guide to manage COVID-19 during home building work
  • HIA Safescan COVID-19 Site Induction QR Code

Taking action to protect your staff, your subcontractors and the community is essential for every business and vital if our industry is to continue to build homes and complete renovation projects. It is our highest priority – individually and collectively. Taking action every day is also the key to helping our industry retain the critical support of government so that we can keep working.

Victorian Building Authority Web Site

As the building regulatory, HIA is continuing to working with the VBA to ensure industry has up to date and accurate information for housing sites and managing COVID-19. The VBA website has been updated with information on working in occupied buildings.

HIA appreciates the acknowledgement of the VBA in referencing the HIA Making space on site industry guidelines for managing COVID 19 for houses and small building sites. This is greatly appreciated and members are encouraged to check the VBA website, along with HIA’s dedicated COVID-19 webpage to keep up to date with the constantly changing situation.

For further information email Peter Zagorski or call 9280 8210.