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Housing Resilience Program Extended in NQ

May 20, 2020

The State Government has announced an expansion of the Household Resilience Program as part of the first stage of the state’s economic stimulus through the Queensland Economic Recovery Strategy: Unite and Recover for Queensland Jobs package.

The Household Resilience Program provides funding to help eligible home owners improve the resilience of their homes against cyclones.

HIA supports the Government in this initiative.

Eligible home owners in recognised cyclone risk areas should be encouraged to take advantage of the grants available and invest now to improve the resilience in their homes.

This regional program, first introduced in July 2018, ran through to late 2019 assisting owners of homes built before 1984 to strengthen their home against the impact of cyclones by undertaking improvements and upgrades.

The extension of the Household Resilience Program will provide an opportunity for our local members to benefit from the work created by this program during this tough challenging time, stimulating both local jobs and the local economy.

Eligible home owners can apply to receive a Queensland Government grant of 75 per cent of the cost of improvements (up to a maximum of $11,250 including GST).

Details are available on the grant through the Queensland Government’s website.