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Registration and Licensing of Carpenters to be First – VIC

November 14, 2019

Last year the Government passed legislation to enable the registration and licensing of building trades. 

The Victorian Government will next week officially announce that the first building trade that will require registration and licensing under these reforms will be carpenters.

The Government has advised that the requirements are intended to commence from 1 September 2020 although HIA believes this to be an extremely ambitious time frame.

As HIA has previously advised Members, the reforms will eventually require trades to either hold a registration or a licence to work on a building site.  A trade who only holds a licence will not be able to operate their own business or work as a contractor and will be required to be employed.

New regulations will be prepared to introduce the licensing and registration requirements and are expected to be released for public comment next year. Despite HIA’s opposition to the registration and licensing of trades who work directly and solely for registered builders, we will be working to ensure a fair outcome from the regulations in the longer term.  

The registration and licensing of other trades is expected to take over place a five year period. The Government has stressed that provisional registration will be available to assist industry to transition into the new requirements.  There is no detail at this time on what those provisions will be.

It is not known whether all trades previously suggested will be regulated or only some.

The impact of this reform on carpenters is not known at this stage, but given the broad scope of carpentry work including framework, external cladding, cabinet making, fencing and gates and stair construction, HIA will be seeking confirmation from the Government as soon as practical to understand who will be affected. 

HIA will continue to engage with the Government about this reform and will provide more information to members over the coming weeks.

Our advice to members remains consistent with previous messages - if you are a trade who can obtain registration now you should consider making an application to do so now. 

If you need more information about this matter you may contact a HIA workplace services advisor on 1300 650 620.