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Registration and Licensing of Carpenters to be First - Further Trades Now Identified and Indicative Timeframes - Vic

November 21, 2019

The Government has released more details on their plans to register and license trades in Victoria.

Last week HIA advised members that carpenters would be the first trade requiring registration and licensing. The Government will still need to consult and consider the scope of carpentry work, and how the requirements will cater for the many different scopes of carpentry.

The Government has now outlined the indicative timeframes for all trades proposed to be included. The list is much broader than previously suggested by Government.

Whilst the Government has indicated that provisional registration is available as a starting point, during which time a trade can apply for full registration or licensing, there is no information available as to the criteria for a provisional registration or licence. This will be determined after further consultation. The timeline below appears to acknowledge the concerns raised by HIA for some time as it sets out a staged approach. This approach is essential to ensure that the introduction does not slow down building activity and that the VBA is given adequate time and resources to implement the new processes.

Scope of trades


General information on trade registration and licensing

Trades will be required to either hold a registration or a licence to work on a building site. A trade who holds a licence will not be able to operate their own business or work as a contractor and will be required to be employed.

HIA is opposed to the registration and licensing of trades who work directly, and solely, for registered builders as existing laws provide a range of protections for home owners engaging a builder.

HIA will continue to work with the Government to ensure a fair outcome from these reforms and we will provide members with information over the coming weeks. HIA’s advice to members remains consistent - if you are a trade who can obtain registration now you should consider making an application to do so now.

If you need more information about this matter you may contact a HIA workplace services advisor on 1300 650 620.