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Temporary Accomodation Required for Victorians Affected by Bushfires – VIC

March 20, 2020

HIA has been asked by the Victorian Government’s Bushfire Recovery Agency to assist identify companies that provide temporary homes and related products and services which might be able to assist Victorians who have lost their homes in the recent bushfires.


The Government established Bushfire Recovery Victoria (BRV) to assist with the recovery process following the devastating Victorian bushfires. 
In working with local communities, BRV is currently investigating options for temporary homes for up to three years to assist those affected by the bushfires whilst their homes are rebuilt.  

The Victorian Government has recently announced that Victorians who have lost their homes can build temporary accommodation on their land, subject to safety requirements, without the need for planning approval. This potentially allows people to live on their land and get the rebuilding of their home underway smoothly. 

HIA has been encouraging government to implement a range of measures to assist with rebuilding in areas affected, so this announcement is strongly supported as it is will be a very good way to help people find interim solutions quickly.

What to do if you can help

Thank you to those who have already responded to our recent enews item, but if you haven’t had the opportunity and if you are able to help in any capacity with the provision of temporary homes please contact Teresa Davis, HIA Planning Advisor on 03 9280 8230 or alternatively 

HIA will co-ordinate a members list and forward your details to the BRV. You could then be invited to attend a discussion around your involvement and what you can do to help.

For further information contact Teresa Davis, HIA Planning Advisor on 03 9280 8230 or via email