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Update on COVID-19 - Adherence to safety guidelines - NSW

July 09, 2020

In the wake of the Victorian lock-down the NSW Premier has this week reinforced the importance of all businesses embracing and adhering to the COVID-19 safety measures. In her media release Premier Berejiklian announced that businesses found to be in breach of the public health orders could face a penalty of up to $55,000 or an on the spot fine of $5,000.

We Must Remain Vigilant

Our industry has performed extremely well throughout the COVID epidemic. In particular HIA member’s adoption of the HIA Making Space on Site Guidelines, site signage and QR code for site inductions has been recognised by our state government as very positive. Now that the focus in NSW is moving to a much stronger compliance stance we urge all members to remain extremely vigilant. We are a highly visible industry and there will be more eyes upon us. You should operate with an expectation that an inspector will visit your site or premises at some point in time.

Now is the Time to Double Check You are Complying with the Measures

We strongly advise all members to ensure they are following the requirements for social distancing, health and hygiene on building sites, display homes and offices. Ensure everyone entering a building site carries out a COVID-19 site induction and ensure clear signage and protective measures are available.

HIA’s Making Space on Site Guidelines are available to assist you in ensuring you and your teams are working to remain COVID safe on site and in the office. Download a free copy of HIA’s site signs and the COVID-19 QR code for site inductions.

Industry Specific COVID-19 Safety Plans

Under the latest NSW health orders restricting gathering and movement a number of industries are listed as requiring a COVID-19 Safety Plan and that plan must be available for a government inspector to review. The NSW Government has a range of templates for these on the government website. Currently it is not mandatory for a construction business to have a COVID-19 safety plan using the government template however they are encouraging all businesses to have one.

View the Premier’s media release.

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