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Update #8 on stage 4 COVID-19 restrictions - Victoria

September 03, 2020

Update on Worker Limits under Stage 4

HIA is aware there has been some confusion today about the changes to worker limits for small-scale construction sites announced earlier this week.  The changes are difficult to explain and it is not surprising that the public information about these changes is still evolving and may appear inconsistent. HIA is seeking to have this resolved as quickly as possible.

A simple summary of the changes is that the worker limits for work up to (and including) base stage and for work past fixing stage (as defined in the legislation and not necessarily your contract) are as follows:

  1. Continue to limit the number of workers on a site at any time to five plus a supervisor unless it is not safe.  For example it may be necessary to have more workers for a concrete pour.
  2. Worker movement must still be limited. Workers may if necessary attend more than three sites per week.  As much as possible however the movement between sites should be limited and there needs to be limited interaction, if any, with other workers at the site.
  3. The existing obligations for workers visiting multiple sites is to document their visits, make declarations at each site they visit, and have records ready for inspection continue to apply.

Changes to NSW border restrictions

The NSW government has announced that restrictions on the NSW/Victorian border will be eased on Friday, 4 September 2020 at 12.01 am. 

A single border region that extends to around 50 kilometres on either side of the border will be reinstated and a new “Border Region Resident’ permit will be introduced. 

The new permit will allow a resident within the border region to enter NSW for the following reasons:

  • to obtain necessary goods or services
  • for care or other compassionate reasons
  • to attend work or obtain educational services (where it is not reasonable for the person to work or obtain educational services from their state of residence).

A border region resident who is a NSW resident:

  • is authorised to enter Victoria only for the reason allowed in the permit; and
  • must not travel to any part of Victoria that is outside of the border region or is a COVID-19 area of concern.

A border region resident who is a Victorian resident:

  • is authorised to enter and remain in NSW only for the reason allowed in the permit;
  • must not travel to any part of NSW that is outside of the border region; and
  • must not enter NSW if the resident had travelled in Victoria in a restricted area (which is currently Greater Melbourne) or a COVID-19 area of concern in Victoria within the previous 14 days.

For further information and to apply for a border entry permit please visit the New South Wales government website

Changes to South Australian border restrictions

Residents of Victoria are not permitted to enter South Australia unless they are considered ‘Essential Travellers’ and in most cases are required to self-quarantine and undertake COVID-19 testing. There are very limited circumstances in which a construction worker residing in Victoria would be considered an ‘Essential Traveller’ allowed to travel into South Australia for work related purposes.

Cross-Border Community Members

As at 12.01am Friday 28 August 2020 the 40km travel buffer zone for cross border communities in Victoria and South Australia was reinstated. A person is eligible to apply for an exemption to enter the relevant state as a Cross Border Community Member if they reside within 40km of the South Australia/Victorian Border.

Residents of Victoria and South Australia who have been granted the exemption must not travel more than 40km into South Australia or Victoria from their point of entry into the relevant state. Entry is only permitted for the following reasons:

  • employment or education;
  • providing or receiving care and support to or from another person;
  • obtaining food, petrol, other fuel or medical care or supplies.

Victorian cross border community members must undertake a COVID-19 test within 7 days prior to entering South Australia.

Cross Border Community Members must apply for the exemption using the <a href=">online system and should apply at least 14 days prior to the date of intended entry.

For further information go to the South Australia government website.

HIA will continue to update members on any changes to COVID-19 restrictions as information becomes available.

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