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Tasmanian Building Business Skills Course

HIA in conjunction with the TBCITB has developed a short course to ensure Tasmanian tradespeople are equipped with the skills and knowledge to navigate the risks of running their own businesses.

The course will teach you to: 

  • Identify and treat business risks.
  • Identify and comply with the regulatory, legal, taxation and insurance requirements.
  • Identify specific legal requirements apply to the management of a small business.
  • Negotiate and arrange contracts

Additionally this course will cover:

  • Understanding cash flow management
  • Identifying tax principles and requirements

Complete the form below to register your interest.

*TBCITB funding requirements

  • ‘Employing companies’ deemed to be in the building and construction industry are eligible to apply for funding for their employees to attend training.
  • The ‘employing companies’ include a sole trader or an eligible host employer.
  • The ‘employing companies’  must be 90% or more involved in building and construction work as defined in Schedule 2 of the Building and Construction Industry Training Fund Act 1990.
  • An eligible company will hold an Australian Business Name registration and be able to provide the TBCITB with a tax invoice.
  • Some exceptions exist, contact the HIA for more information.