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How HIA is structured

As Australia’s national housing industry association, HIA works to a committee structure that helps us identify cross-border issues, capture the richness of our regions, and make consistent decisions concerning services for members and core policy positions for advocating the housing industry.

The role of HIA committees

HIA’s committee structure is the key vehicle for developing HIA policies and services. All HIA committees play an important role in developing policies for implementation by HIA staff. Committees may draw heavily on policy proposals and research undertaken by HIA staff, but the responsibility for determining policy rests with the committees. By working to a regional then national committee structure, which relies on member representation, HIA ensures that our members’ needs and ideas are heard at the highest level.

How it works

Senior members of regional committees are also members of HIA’s National Policy Congress (NPC). NPC considers and develops policy proposals by working with our various committees and also elects HIA’s National Board of Directors. The Board acts as the executive arm of NPC and administers and controls operations and finances.

HIA Committee Structure