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National Policy Congress

National Policy Congress (NPC) is HIA's peak policy-making body, representing the interests of HIA members. It formulates and reviews our organisation’s objectives, policies and structure and elects the National Board of Directors.

While NPC has the capacity to generate policy in its own right, NPC typically considers policy proposals from a National Service Committee, Regional Executive Committee, the National Board of Directors , or a Specialist Committee (Kitchens & Bathrooms, National Manufacturers Council).

NPC is chaired by the National President. Members of NPC include:

  • Members of the National Board of Directors
  • The President and Vice-President of each region
  • Chairs of HIA Kitchens & Bathrooms and National Manufacturers Council
  • Senior executive managers invited by National Policy Congress.

The next NPC meeting will be held in May 2020.

Contact the National Policy Congress

You can contact HIA by writing to:
Housing Industry Association Ltd
79 Constitution Avenue