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Representing the Australian housing industry

Housing Industry Association (HIA) is the official body of Australia’s home building industry.

As the only national industry association for Australian building professionals, we represent the interests of the housing industry at regional and national levels. Our extensive membership program supports residential builders, trade contractors, developers, design professionals, kitchen and bathroom specialists, manufacturers and suppliers. We have been supporting the Australian home building industry for more than 70 years.

HIA’s vision is to be one association which:

  • Speaks with a united voice on industry issues
  • Provides quality services at the lowest possible cost
  • Encourages industry high-standards through self-regulated commercial conduct

A powerful member association

HIA’s large membership base gives us political strength and the ability to develop and advocate policy recognising the importance of the housing industry to all Australians.

HIA’s logo is displayed as a sign of professionalism on building sites right around the country. Our members are responsible for over 80% of new homes and renovations in Australia.

HIA’s commitment to members includes:

Helping to protect the integrity of the industry

All HIA members agree to be bound by the HIA National Code of Ethics developed to promote the highest standards of work and conduct by members within the community.

Under the National Code of Ethics, HIA members shall conduct their business to provide products and services with competence, fairness, value, honesty and integrity.

Any consumer or HIA member who believes they have a complaint against a HIA member in connection with their conduct can apply in writing to HIA asking that the matter be dealt with under the National Code of Ethics.

Although HIA has no power to make a legal determination, if a member is found by HIA to have acted contrary to the Code, HIA may caution, reprimand, suspend or expel the member.

Regional and member representation

HIA is divided into nine geographic regions that provide a state, territory or local focus. By working to a regional then national committee structure, HIA ensures that our members’ needs and ideas are heard at the highest level.

Policy development and government submissions

HIA develops and advocates policy recognising the importance of the housing industry to all Australians. We advocate the views and policies of our members by contributing to enquiries and forums that impact on the residential building sector. Our policy areas cover economics, industry, building, planning, industrial relations, legal, environment, training and skills.