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Be an exhibitor in the NEW Alfresco Display

Newcastle, The Hunter & Central Coast population have a passion for building & renovating.

With a high public interest in TV renovation shows, the demand for an alfresco display has been recognised. A 200sqm display will be constructed in the HIA Home Inspiration Centre in Newcastle where visitors will be invited to freely walk through the display. HIA invites leading suppliers and manufacturers to supply and deliver products as part of the overall ‘whole experience’ offering to consumers.

The Alfresco display will provide an opportunity to:

  • Showcase the latest building products, materials, technology and innovations.
  • Display products in a stimulating and real-life environment
  • Educate the home builder or renovator and trade, of the functionality of a product and service.
  • Allow visitors to visualize the use of that product in their new Alfresco area.

Whilst design and workmanship is critical in the presentation of The Alfresco display, the emphasis will be placed on product selection and its functionality. The Alfresco will incorporate product boards identifying the product, resulting in a visitor friendly environment to promote your business.

As per our current displays each product/service will be numbered and as requested, visitors will be given your business contact details and through our visitor software information system you will be sent leads.

Participating manufacturer/suppliers will be responsible to design, supply and deliver product to the HIA Home Inspiration Centre in Hunter and where possible installation of product. HIA has contracted Steve Mace Building to construct the Alfresco Area. 

Alfresco display
Alfresco display

The Life Expectancy of the Alfresco Display House

HIA is envisaging that The Alfresco display will have a life expectancy of between 3 – 5 years.  With a life expectancy of that length it is important to keep industry and public interest strong.  HIA believes that interest can be kept high through a flexible design that allows a supplier partner, where possible, to update their product subject to HIA’s approval and minimal disruption to the operation of the centre.

A 3 year agreement is required to be an exhibitor, which can be invoiced quarterly or yearly with options of monthly or quarterly direct debit.

Terms: All fixed building materials & products will remain in The Alfresco display until the agreement expires. When the agreement display expires, suppliers will have the opportunity to remove non-fixed items. All other building materials and products will be disposed by HIA or where possible recycled for HIA trade skills projects, unless the manufacturer/supplier has agreed to dismantle and remove product when the display expires.

Building Schedule and Launch

HIA is looking to have The Alfresco display ready for launch in late 2020. Presently HIA is working on the finalization of the floor plans, specifications and building schedule.

Promotion of The Alfresco display

To maximise exposure, the display will be promoted online through web and app, print and television and social media. A new marketing strategy of the Centre is our Virtual Tour that can be visited on our website and viewed 24hrs / 7 days a week.

Enquire today about how you can be part of the overall experience of the new Alfresco display. Email HIA Hunter Home Inspirations Coordinator or phone 02 40142000