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Benefits of winning an award

As the recipient of an HIA award, there are many ways in which you can maximise its benefits.

Promotional coverage

Our publications, including Housing magazine, Building News and regional online newsletters, will feature award winners and finalists.


You should feature your award prominently on the web. You can do this through your own website or including the HIA award winner logo on your tradebuild profile (tradebuild is a directory of HIA members targeted at home renovators and builders).


Your HIA award’s logo can be used (subject to certain guidelines) on all your business’ adverts, websites and marketing materials. You can also utilise the logo for branding on company vehicles and display on business cards and flyers.


Winners receive plaques, which can be publicly displayed in their premises as a sign of prestige. Plaques display your trading name and award category. You are able to re-order plaques to place in multiple offices or display homes.