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Conditions of entry - GreenSmart Awards

All entrants must comply with these conditions of entry.

Entrant and project eligibility

1. a. Entrants must be financial members of the Housing Industry Association Ltd (HIA) at the time of entry until the completion of the awards program.

b. Entrants must be appropriately licensed or registered to carry out the project entered (as required by law) at the commencement and completion of the project. Building licence or registration is not required for Greensmart Product.

c. Entrants warrant that each project entered complies with relevant with relevant legislative and statutory requirements.

2. a. The entry must be the work of the entrant and properly attributable to them. For example, where an entrant is entering as the Builder of a project, they must be the builder on the record for that project, that is, the person named as builder in the building contract, inspection reports and home owners warranty certificate. Where there is more than one person who fits that description (for example where an owner builder permit was taken out, but the owner subcontracted part of the project to a licensed builder) the builder will be the person who performed the majority of the actual building work on the finished project. Where the contracted scope of works does not include all the building work for the project entered and other building work has been performed by others directly engaged by the home owner, this work should be identified on the entry form. Where the project was built by a partnership, all partners should be named as entrants unless they have given their written prior consent to a different arrangement. Where the project was built by a company, the company must give their prior written consent if the entry is in the name of an individual Director or other person. The entrant should provide supporting details of this in such cases. The same rule applies to Architects, Designers, Developers etc.

b. Builder and Architect/Designer/Council/Developer joint entries are acceptable provided they are all members of the Association.

c. c. An individual entry by the product distributor into the HIA GreenSmart Product category will only be permitted with the written consent of the manufacturer.

3. Homes entered must be residential dwellings, with the exception of the Professional and Product categories.

4. Housing entries must have reached practical completion within the twenty four months prior to the final closing date of entries.

5. Product entries must been placed on the market within the twenty four months prior to the final closing date of entries.

6. Previous award winning projects are ineligible to be re-entered into the same category.

7. If the project was built for staff, a family member etc, the final contract price must represent a repeatable production price for the home.

Terms of entry

8. Multiple entries - If the same home is entered in more than one category (where allowable), the entrant must separately complete and submit an online entry for each category entered together with a set of plans and photos. An additional entry fee is payable.

9. Entrants will not be entitled to a refund for entries withdrawn after the closing date.

10. Entries deemed ineligible are not entitled to a refund

11. All applicable sections of the entry form must be completed.

12. If the project is entered into a category for which it does not qualify, HIA reserves the right to move the project to an appropriate category, without prior consent from the entrant.

13. HIA reserves the right to amalgamate categories to best represent the industry if deemed appropriate.

14. Judges reserve the right to decline to present an Award in a particular category if a minimum standard of excellence has not been reached.

15. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

16. Neither HIA nor the judges will be required to provide entrants with feedback or a critique in relation to their entry or provide any reasons for their decision.

17. Entrants acknowledge that HIA takes no responsibility for the quality of photos and plan produced nor any editorial discrepancies attached to any photo or plan.

18. HIA in its sole discretion may give, during or after the judging and/ or conferral of the award, a comparable award, commendation or otherwise recognise any other entity (being a financial member of the Housing Industry) HIA considers contributed or collaborated to a material extent in the construction, design or delivery of the project being judged.

Publicity and warranties

 19. The entrant:

a. warrants that the details of its entry are correct in every respect

b. warrants that the entry has the client’s consent

c. warrants that the subject matter of the entry and material included with or as part of the entry (such as plans and photographs) does not infringe moral rights, copyright or any other intellectual property right

d. indemnifies HIA against such infringements

e. grants to HIA an irrevocable licence to use the subject matter of the entry and material included with or as part of the entry for any purpose in connection with the promotion of HIA and the GreenSmart Awards and

f. agrees to state the category, type of recognition received and the year awarded, whenever disclosing information or promoting itself or the entry in any communications media, as a finalist or winner in the HIA-Lawn Solutions Australian GreenSmart Awards.

g. agrees to comply with the HIA Awards Advertising Standards, HIA Award winners conditions of use and HIA Award logo style guide.

20. HIA and its associated media will only publish the entrant, the category and the suburb. No street addresses or owner’s names will be used.

21. Entrants acknowledge that HIA takes no responsibility for the quality of photos and plan produced nor any editorial discrepancies attached to any photo or plan.

Client/entrant notification

22. All entrants must gain the consent of the owner and any other necessary third parties for the project or design to be entered into the competition.


23. HIA reserves the right to disqualify an entry before, during or after the contest judging, official announcement of winners and awards presentation without a refund if the HIA determines that:

a. the entry or entrant breaches or otherwise fails to meet/observe any of the above stated eligibility or contest requirements

b. HIA considers false or misleading information is intentionally provided

c. problems or discrepancies arise between or among entrants, designers and clients which HIA considers cannot be amicably resolved by the parties involved within a reasonable time

d. the project has not reached practical completion by the advertised final entry closing date

e. the member ceases to trade for whatever reason or becomes bankrupt or insolvent between the close of entries and announcement of awards; or f. the entrant ceases to be a member of HIA.

24. In the case of disqualification after the awards’ ceremony, the entrant will be required to return the award and a public announcement may be made by HIA.


25. The entrant agrees that any media comment in any communications media and photographic display of any of the entries will be at the discretion of HIA and the associated media.

26. HIA and its associated media accept no responsibility for any incorrect details, spelling or other incorrect information stated in the entry form.

27. HIA cannot guarantee the return of photographs, plans or any other material supplied. All documentation will be securely destroyed at the completion of the awards.

28. The entrant acknowledges that should any copyright action against the project be upheld by a Court of Law, awards shall be relinquished by the entrant and returned to HIA, at the point at which a judgement is delivered by a Court at first instance.

29. HIA does not guarantee that all entrants will be featured in publications or promotional events related to the HIA-Lawn Solutions Australian GreenSmart Awards.

Privacy and personal information

30. HIA may collect personal information (as defined in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)) and other information relating to the entrant’s business in order to administer the Awards. All entries become HIA’s property.

31. By participating in the Awards (including by submitting an entry), the entrant consents for HIA to use and disclose any personal information:

a. for the purposes set out in HIA’s Privacy Statement available at and

b. to HIA’s related entities, business partners, agencies, sponsors and other third parties engaged to provide services in connection with the Awards, in order to:

(i) market to the entrant, including by email, SMS/MMS, mail, social media and telephone; and

(ii) administer the Awards.

32. The entrant agrees that such consent continues unless otherwise withdrawn. To withdraw consent to receive marketing material from HIA or a third party or request that personal information not be disclosed to a third party, the entrant may:

a. Contact HIA on 1300 650 620

b. Email