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HIA Apprentice Host Trainer Award

This award recognises the host of an HIA apprentice for their:

  • significant contribution to develop an apprentice’s on-site skills. 
  • knowledge of building techniques.
  • encouragement of apprentices to succeed in the future. 

The award also recognises the importance of safety management on worksites and the resulting wellbeing role of a host trainer when mentoring an apprentice.

How to enter

Your nomination consists of a:

  • written submission.
  • judge’s interview with your apprentice. 

Upload your written submission along with a high resolution image of yourself onsite and an image of you with your apprentice(s). We’ll then arrange a telephone interview between your apprentice and the judging panel following the close of entries.

Written submission

Address the following criteria and upload as a word doc/pdf:

  1. Provide a brief summary about your business.
  2. How do you ensure your apprentice gains the broad experience and skills needed for their trade? Also provide details on how you assist them with future career planning. (25%)
  3. What do you have in place to ensure the safety of your apprentice onsite? (20%)
  4. How do you communicate industry changes to your apprentice, such as to equipment requirements and regulations? (10%)
  5. How do you encourage and develop your apprentice’s communication skills? (10%)
  6. What advice would you offer to someone looking to host an apprentice? (5%)

Apprentice Interview 

Your apprentice will be asked:

  1. Give examples of tasks you normally complete on a daily basis. (5%)
  2. How does your host ensure you gain the necessary skills and experiences for your trade? (10%)
  3. How does your host keep you safe onsite? How are you involved in onsite and workplace safety? (15%)
  4. What advice would you offer to someone looking to start an apprenticeship?


Enter online today

Nominations close and entry fee

Nominations must be submitted online by 18 June 2021.

There is no cost to enter this award.

Announcement of winners

Winners will be announced at Housing Awards events in October-December 2021.

Need more info?

Contact us

Conditions of entry

Entrant eligibility

Entry is open only to HIA Apprentices Host Trainers. Host Trainers must be financial members in good standing with the Housing Industry Association Limited (HIA) and participating in the HIA Apprentice scheme at the time of entry until the completion of the awards program.

The entrant should nominate and enter in the HIA region that employs their apprentice(s). If the entrant hosts apprentices across a number of HIA regions, they should enter in the HIA region that employs the majority of their apprentices.

    Terms of entry

  1. All applicable sections of the online entry form must be completed including the details of a current HIA apprentice for the purposes of an interview which completes the application for this Award.
  2. Each entrant will be judged by industry professionals
  3. Judges reserve the right to decline to present an Award in a particular category if a minimum standard of excellence has not been reached.
  4. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  5. Publicity & warranties

  6. The entrant:
    a) warrants that the details of their entry are correct in every respect and comply with the conditions of entry;
    b) grants to HIA an irrevocable license to use the subject matter of the entry and material included with or as part of the entry for any purpose in connection with the promotion of HIA and the Awards;
    c) agrees to state the category, HIA region and the year awarded, whenever disclosing information or themselves in any communications media, as a finalist or winner in the Apprentice Host Trainer Awards; and
    d) agrees to comply with the HIA Awards Advertising Standards, HIA Award winners conditions of use and HIA Award logo style guide.
  7. Disqualification

  8. HIA reserve the right to disqualify an applicant before, during or after the contest judging, official announcement of winners and awards presentation if the HIA determines that:
    a) The entry or entrant breeches or otherwise fails to meet/observe any of the above stated eligibility or contest requirements;
    b) HIA considers false or misleading information is intentionally provided;
    c) the entrant ceases to be a member of HIA or engages in conduct that has the potential to bring HIA and HIA Apprentices into disrepute.
  9. In the case of disqualification after the awards’ ceremony the entrant will be required to return the award and a public announcement may be made by HIA.
  10. Disclosure

  11. HIA cannot guarantee the return of entry material or supplied information. However in accordance with HIA’s Privacy Policy HIA will protect your information and data from unauthorised access at least as well as it protects its own corporate information.
  12. HIA does not guarantee that all entrants will be featured in publications or promotional events related to the HIA Awards.
  13. Privacy & personal information

  14. HIA may collect personal information (as defined in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)) and other information relating to the entrant’s business in order to administer the Awards. All entries become HIA’s property.
  15. By participating in the Awards (including by submitting an entry), the entrant consents for HIA to use and disclose any personal information:
    a) for the purposes set out in HIA’s Privacy Statement available at; and
    b) to HIA’s related entities, business partners, agencies, sponsors and other third parties engaged to provide services in connection with the Awards, in order to:
          i) market to the entrant, including by email, SMS/ MMS, mail, social media and telephone; and
         ii) administer the Awards
  16. The entrant agrees that such consent continues unless otherwise withdrawn. To withdraw consent to receive marketing material from HIA or a third party or request that personal information not be disclosed to a third party, the entrant may:
    a) Call HIA on 1300 650 620
    b) Email