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Professional Builder/Renovator Awards

HIA Professional Builder/Renovator Awards are a great way to show customers - and potential clients - that you have sound business and financial management practices. But most importantly, the Award shows your business has the highest standards of customer service and satisfaction.

HIA’s housing awards recognise excellence in the building product or service provided by your business. The Professional Builder/Renovator Award recognises excellence within your business.

The criteria for this award relate to areas that are common to all leading businesses no matter which industry they operate in.

Award entries for 2021 now closed. To find out more, contact our events team on

Award categories

  • HIA Professional Major Builder - for builders with an annual turnover of $50 million or more.
  • HIA Professional Medium Builder/Renovator - for builders with an annual turnover of between $10 million and $50 million
  • HIA Professional Small Builder/Renovator - for builders with an annual turnover of less than $10 million.

Your submission

Your submission must address all the criteria. We also ask that you answer the criteria sequentially. If you don’t specifically answer one of the criteria, you cannot be awarded points for it.

View entry criteria


The online application will also ask you to provide details on:

  • Type of business for example - sole proprietor, publicly listed, proprietary limited
  • What is the primary business? New homes, renovations or both
  • Annual turnover for the past financial year
  • Number of starts

HIA will also need a high resolution image of your staff and your company logo (in jpeg and eps).

What evidence should I supply?

Each statement you make should be backed up with evidence. For example, if you mention you have conducted a survey, please provide a copy of the survey and the results as part of your submission. Any examples of handover gifts, etc should be represented in images only.

Conditions of entry

Entrant eligibility

  1. Entrants must be appropriately licensed or registered (as required by law) to provide the services and products supplied by the business.
  2. Entrants must be financial members in good standing of the Housing Industry Association Ltd (HIA) at the time of entry until the completion of the awards program.
  3. Entrants must be builders or renovators of residential dwellings.
  4. Entrants must enter the award category reflective of the annual turnover of the Entrant.
  5. Entry must be for a business in this HIA region

  6. Where a member operates a single business across a number of HIA Regions, the member may enter their business in respect of only one region (of their choice) and will be judged only in respect of its business in that HIA Region. Determination of category eligibility is based on the aggregate turnover across the entire consolidated business (consolidated according to accounting standards).
  7. Where a member is running genuinely separate ‘stand alone’ businesses (not having financial results consolidated, according to accounting standards, into any other corporate structure) in different HIA Regions, nothing in these Conditions prevents the member entering each business in its respective HIA Region of operation. Each business must operate separately and apart from any of the Entrant’s operations in any other HIA Region and must have its own management, operational and financial structures (a Branch office, for example, would not qualify).
  8. Franchised Businesses are eligible to enter this Award category if they or their Franchisees are builders and renovators of residential dwellings, and each of them meets all the other requirements for entry. The entire Franchise (Franchisor & all Franchisees) in a Region will be treated as one entry. Franchises will be judged on the totality of their business systems as well as the business operations of their individual franchisees. Entry forms should be completed by the Franchisor, which is the entity responsible for the contents of the entry, and must include a statement that each of their Franchisees in that Region has agreed to the entry and its contents, and undertakes to abide by HIA’s requirements for entrants. Where a Franchise wins this Award, the Award will be to the Franchise itself and not to the Franchisor or any or all of their individual Franchisees.
  9. Terms of entry

  10. Entrants will not be entitled to a refund for entries withdrawn after the closing date.
  11. All applicable sections of the entry form must be completed.
  12. If the Entrant is entered into a category for which it does not qualify, HIA reserves the right to move the Entrant to an appropriate category, without prior consent from the Entrant.
  13. Judges reserve the right to change turnover categories for awards.
  14. HIA reserves the right to amalgamate categories to best represent the industry if deemed appropriate.
  15. Judges reserve the right to decline to present an award in a particular category if a minimum standard of excellence has not been reached.
  16. Judges will assess entries on the basis of material relevant to the operation of the Entrant’s business in the HIA Region in which the entry is made. Information from outside the operating HIA Region may also be submitted but will only be considered if the judges in their absolute discretion consider the material to be directly relevant to the entry in the context of the applicable Regional operation.
  17. The judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  18. Publicity & warranties

  19. The Entrant:
    a. warrants that the details of its entry are correct in every respect
    b. warrants that the subject matter of the entry and material included with or as part of the entry (such as business plans and manuals) does not infringe copyright or any other intellectual property right
    c. indemnifies HIA against such infringements 
    d. agrees to use the relevant Award logo without modification and prominently state the category, HIA Region and the year awarded, whenever disclosing information or promoting itself or the entry in any communications media, as a finalist or winner in the Professional Builder Awards
    e. agrees to comply with HIA’s Awards Advertising Standards, Award Logo Style Guide and Conditions of Use.
  20. Entrants acknowledge that HIA takes no responsibility for the quality of photos or editorial discrepancies within any artwork, images or other documentation provided.
  21. Disqualification

  22. HIA reserves the right to disqualify an entry before, during or after contest judging, official announcement of winners and awards presentation without a refund if HIA determines that:
    a. the entry or Entrant breaches or otherwise fails to meet/observe any of the above stated eligibility or contest requirements 
    b. HIA considers false or misleading information is intentionally provided 
    c. the Entrant ceases to trade for whatever reason, becomes bankrupt or insolvent between the close of entries and announcement of awards; or
    d. the Entrant ceases to be a member of HIA
    e. the Entrant breaches any conditions of clause 17 including, without limitation, failing to comply with the HIA Professional Builder/Renovator Advertising Standards.
  23. In the case of disqualification after the awards’ ceremony, the Entrant will be required to return the Award and a public announcement may be made by HIA.
  24. Disclosure

  25. The Entrant agrees that any media comment in any communications media and photographic display of any of the entries will be at the discretion of HIA and the associated media.
  26. HIA and its associated media accept no responsibility for any incorrect details, spelling or other incorrect information stated in the entry form.
  27. HIA cannot guarantee the return of the submitted entry, photographs or any other material supplied by the Entrant. All documentation will be securely stored at the completion of the awards program.
  28. HIA does not guarantee that all Entrants will be featured in publications or promotional events related to the HIA Awards.
  29. Privacy and personal information

  30. HIA may collect personal information (as defined in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)) and other information relating to the entrant’s business in order to administer the Awards. All entries become HIA’s property.
  31. By participating in the Awards (including by submitting an entry), the entrant consents for HIA to use and disclose any personal information:
    a.  for the purposes set out in HIA’s Privacy Statement available at; and
    b.  to HIA’s related entities, business partners, agencies, sponsors and other third parties engaged to provide services in connection with the Awards, in order to:
    i market to the entrant, including by email,
    ii SMS/MMS, mail, social media and telephone; and administer the Awards.
  32. The entrant agrees that such consent continues unless otherwise withdrawn. To withdraw consent to receive marketing material from HIA or a third party or request that personal information not be disclosed to a third party, the entrant may:
    a. Call HIA on 1300 650 620
    b. Email