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Renovation / Addition Project

Winner: Rustic Touch

The clients brief was to transform a 40 year old mud brick home they had just bought, to a comfortable home for themselves while keeping the natural charm of the existing home. They wanted space to showcase their unique collection of furniture, rugs and artworks.

By repurposing the existing rooms and extending into the original family and dining, a large open plan living/dining/kitchen was created which maximised the bushland views and used solar access and sustainable principles in a flame zone rated area.  Rammed earth was used externally at the entry of the home, connecting to and complementing the earthiness of the existing mud brick home, and again in the internal atrium. One wall created the entry feature with the opposite wall housing the Jetmaster fire place and chimney which protrudes from the roof gaining thermal mass to the centre of the home.


Custom Built Projects
Winspace Constructions
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McDowell Homes

Renovation / Addition Project up to $150,000
Winner: Custom Built Projects
Renovation / Addition Project $150,001 to $250,000
Winner: Winspace Constructions
Renovation / Addition Project $250,001 to $500,000 
Winner: Walkom Constructions
Finalist: Winspace Constructions
Renovation / Addition Project  $500,001 to $750,000 
Winner: Rustic Touch
Finalists: Greenbuild Constructions
Baily Constructions
Renovation / Addition Project Over $750,001
Winner: McDowell Homes
Finalists: Orton Building
P. Built Constructions

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