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Custom Built Home

Winner: Bellevarde Constructions

This beautifully constructed home has used the finest materials that have been meticulously crafted in place. The many angles of this structure help to frame the picturesque views while also providing shelter to the courtyard from exposure to southerly winds.


Code Green
Micrah Projects
RW Stidwill Constructions

Price category Winners and Finalists:

Custom Built Home up to $600,000
Winner: Code Green
Finalists: Dmand Building Services
John McDonald Building Services
Crystele Homes
Brolen Homes
Custom Built Home $600,001 - $1,000,000 
Winner: Micrah Projects
Finalists: AMDE Constructions T/A GJ Gardner Homes Sydney North
Select Construction
Construction By Design (NSW) 
GN Williams Builders
Evolution Building Group
Shipway Constructions
Custom Built Home $1,000,000 - $2,500,000 
Winner: RW Stidwill Constructions
GN Williams Builders 
Hawkesbury Homes
Chateau Constructions Aust
Schenk Construction Group
Blue Eco Homes
Gremmo Homes
Harbour Design Homes
Custom Built Home over $5,000,000
Winner: Bellevarde Constructions
Finalists: Bellevarde Constructions 

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