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Townhouse/Villa Development

Winner: TDV Constructions

The townhouse development is a quality build with excellent inclusions. Its clear that there has been a lot of thought placed into the construction process. The design both internally and externally are a feature that lifts the whole development. The orientation is well set in respect of window and glass placement with high set ceilings giving that spacious feel to light and bright areas


Gledhill Constructions

Price category Winners and Finalists:

Townhouse/Villa Development 2-10 Dwellings
Winner: TDV Constructions 
Finalists: Hawkesbury River Home Builders 
Hotondo Southcoast 
Evolution Building Group
McMahon Structural 
Townhouse/Villa Development Over 10 Dwellings
Winner: Gledhill Constructions 
Finalist: Creation Homes 

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