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Brisbane Bathroom of the Year

Winner: Darren James Interiors (Redland Bay) | Renovated Bathroom Over $40,001

An existing atrium was refined and reconfigured to provide a simplified connection to the private garden. Positioned at the corner of the house, the ensuite captures the 90 degree views out onto the land to instantly create focus for the rest of the room. Natural materials such as timber and marble lookalike Spanish tiles, feature predominately within the ensuite to craft a timeless look.


Allou Interiors | Renovated Bathroom $20,001 - $40,000
Stylemaster Homes (Malaney) | New Bathroom Up to $20,000
Metricon Homes QLD  | New Bathroom $20,001 - $40,000
Aria Property Group Pty Ltd | New Bathroom Over $40,001

Renovated Bathroom $20,001 - $40,000
Winner: Allou Interiors
Finalist: Bathrooms Are Us
Renovated Bathroom Over $40,001
Winner: Darren James Interiors  (Redland Bay)
Finalists: Allou Interiors
Darren James Interiors  (Raby Bay)
New Bathroom Up to $20,000
Caroma Winner: Stylemaster Homes (Malaney)
Finalists: Bold Living (Athena 349)
Adenbrook Homes
New Bathroom $20,001 - $40,000
Caroma Winner: Metricon Homes QLD  
Finalists: Bold Living
New Bathroom Over $40,001
Caroma Winner: Aria Property Group Pty Ltd

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