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2019 HIA Professional Woman of the Year

Winner: Chantal Kisten - Steel-Line Garage Doors

National Operations & HR Manager for Steel-Line Garage Doors. After moving from South Africa in 2008 Chantal commenced as the HR officer and has progressed to managing the operations and human resources of 16 branches. Chantal has been a leader at Steel-Line Garage Doors for nine years and successfully integrated seven businesses into the Steel-Line Group of Companies. Chantal’s determination was paramount, working in male dominated industry with many men much senior in age and experience, she knew she had to work hard to earn respect. At the age of 35 years Chantal is now member of senior management and is deservedly respected and acknowledged for her contribution and achievements.


Patricia Mackie-Smith - Business Development Professional
Melissa Ayre - Professional Business Woman
Debra Randall - Professional Business Woman - Building
Jessica Dippel - Exceptional Young Woman
Jenna McGregor - Executive Administration
Ezra Finch - Professional Tradeswoman
Diane Gaffney - Professional Services - Building
Fiona Luckey - Professional Services
Chantal Kisten - Outstanding Achievement in Manufacturing & Supply
Kai-Lee Incognito - Technical Excellence