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Custom Built Home

Winner: Hocking Constructions

Meticulous attention to detail, delivering perfection to a well deserving home.


Aaron Martin Construction
Turnbull Built
South Coast Constructions
Hocking Constructions

Custom Built Home up to $400,000
Winner: Aaron Martin Construction
Commendation: Creative Structures
Partnered by Brickworks
Custom Built Home $400,001 - $550,000
Winner: Turnbull Built
Partnered by InfraBuild
Custom Built Home $550,001 - $800,000
Winner: South Coast Constructions
Commendation: Precision Homes
Partnered by Hettich
Custom Built Home $800,001 - $1.5 million
Winner: Hocking Constructions
Commendation: Finesse Built
Partnered by Lynch Meyer
Custom Built Home over $1.5 million
Winner: Hocking Constructions
Partnered by SALife

Partnered by