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Custom Built Home

Winner: Davies Design & Construction

Built to the exacting requirements of the discerning clients, this magnificent home highlights the highest level of construction detail. The degree of difficulty has not hindered the excellent level to which this home has been constructed.  Angular in it's design, though flowing smoothly and uninterrupted from one space to the next.


Davies Design & Construction
PL & RB Martin

Price category Winners and Finalists:

Custom Built Home under $500,000
Winner: Davies Design & Construction
Finalists: JA Vigelaar Contractor
JDR Homes
JW & BA Paul Builders
Mansfield Builders
Merlin Constructions
SJM Property Developments
Partnered by Tasmanian Government
Custom Built Home $500,001 to $800,000 
Winner: PL & RB Martin
Finalists: 2B Building
Haven Built
IN2Construction Services & Clever Design
JA Vogelaar Contractor
Mansfield Builders
Partnered by  Choices Flooring
Custom Built Home over  $800,001 
Winner: Davies Design & Construction
Cordwell Lane
Elysium Constructions and Developments
McCullagh Building
My Build
Mansfield Builders
Peter Blythe Builders
Partnered by Brickworks

Partnered by