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Custom Built Home

Winner: Kimber Constructions

This two-storey, four-bedroom home draws the eye with its impressive stone piers and clean, square lines of Alucabond cladding.
It’s equally impressive inside, with high ceilings and an open void to the first floor making a statement as soon as you enter.  Abundant natural light serves to highlight the home’s outstanding finishes.


AT Building Group
Passive Builders
Coastyle Building Solutions
Pivot Homes

Custom Built Home up to $350,000
Winner: AT Building Group
Custom Built Home $350,001 - $500,000
Winner: Passive Builders
Custom Built Home $500,001 - $750,000
Winner: Coastyle Building Solutions
Finalists: Pivot Homes
Custom Built Home $750,001 - $1 million
Winner: Pivot Homes
Finalists: TVD Group Builders
Custom Built Home Over $1 million 
Winner: Kimber Constructions
Finalists: David Webb Building Solutions Pty Ltd
Signature Homes Geelong

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