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John Pietersen Award for Custom Built Home of the Year

Winner: Maughan Building Company

The quality of workmanship throughout this home was faultless and it was truly a pleasure to judge such an amazing example of this builder's work. The non-standard construction details were a standout, including the custom gutter and beam to the entry, matching bulkhead details and the massive glass entry and internal doors. This home is a true credit to the builder's execution and attention to detail.


New Choice Homes
Character Living
Limitless Building & Developments
AMG Home Builders
Capella Constructions
Maughan Building Company
Palazzo Homes

Custom Built Home up to $350,000
Winner: New Choice Homes
Finalists: Aveling Homes
Kings Rd Construction
Partnered by Centurion Garage Doors
Custom Built Home $350,001 - $475,000
Winner: Character Living
Finalists: VM Building
Cachet Homes
Partnered by iZone
Custom Built Home $475,001 - $625,000
Winner: Limitless Building & Developments
Finalists: Arklen
Grand Cru Developments
Partnered by Instyle Ceramics
Custom Built Home $625,001 - $900,000
Winner: AMG Home Builders
Finalists: Mandurah Homes
Novus Homes
Partnered by Jason Windows
Custom Built Home $900,001 - $1,200,000
Winner: Capella Constructions
Finalists: Weststyle
Aquila Homes
Partnered by GV Lawyers
Custom Built Home $1,200,001 - $1,600,000
Winner: Maughan Building Company
Finalists: Zorzi Builders
Humphrey Homes
Partnered by Caroma
Custom Built Home $1,600,001 - $3,000,000
Winner: Giorgi
Finalists: Contour Projects
Spadaccini Homes
Partnered by Colorbond® Matt
Custom Built Home $3,000,001 & over
Winner: Palazzo Homes
Finalists: Neil Cownie Architect and Mosman Bay Construction
Zorzi Builders
Partnered by Colorbond® Matt

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