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Renovation / Addition Project

Winner: Cassari Group

A phenomenal renovation and addition project to an existing 1915 heritage home. The builder has kept the integrity and charm of the original home, while adding an innovative, modern and truly original addition. The quality of workmanship demonstrated by the builder was exceptional, and the attention to detail shown, in both the existing heritage home and the stunning modern addition was exemplary.


Core Developments & Construction 
Ryan Cole
Summit Home Improvements
Dasco Building Group 
Cassari Group

Renovation / Addition Project up to $200,000
Winner: Core Developments & Construction 
Finalists: Summit Home Improvements
Ultimo Constructions
Partnered by Jason Windows
Renovation / Addition Project $200,001 - $300,000
Winner: Ryan Cole
Finalists: Summit Home Improvements
Mindful Homes
Partnered by AGL
Renovation / Addition Project $300,001 - $450,000
Winner: Summit Home Improvements
Finalists: Summit Home Improvements
Modern Home Improvers
Partnered by Caroma
Renovation / Addition Project $450,001 - $650,000
Winner: Dasco Building Group 
Finalists: PK Construction
MK Building Solutions
Partnered by Reece
Renovation / Addition Project $650,001 - $1,000,000
Winner: Cassari Group
Finalists: Kre8 Constructions
Core Developments & Construction 
Partnered by James Hardie
Renovation / Addition Project 1,000,001 & Over
Winner: Cassari Group
Finalists: Quaine Constructions
Empire Building Company 
Partnered by Ford & Doonan

Partnered by