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Framed Housing

Winner: Weststyle


Homebuyers Centre
Character Living
Alli Builders

Framed Housing up to $300,000
Winner: Homebuyers Centre
Finalists: Homebuyers Centre
Express Living Homes
Partnered by James Hardie
Framed Housing $300,001 to $500,000
Winner: Character Living
Finalists: Abel Design
Partnered by James Hardie
Framed Housing $500,001 to $800,000 
Winner: Alli Builders
Finalists: Pryority Lifestyles
Alli Builders
Partnered by  BlueScope | Truecore
Framed Housing $800,001 & Over
Winner: Weststyle
Finalists: Humphrey Homes
Partnered by Stramit

Partnered by