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Supporting women in the building industry

It won’t be news to anyone that building and construction is a male-dominated industry. But it’s an industry in which women have achieved great success, at all levels, but not without many challenges and often without recognition or visibility.

HIA Building Women introduces a focus on supporting women in the residential building industry by creating opportunities to enter the industry, recognising the needs of women already working in the industry and acknowledging the contribution of women to the industry.

There is much we can learn from each other, and so much we can do together to raise the profile of women in the residential building industry!

HIA Building Women goals


While building has long been perceived as a male-dominated space, there are women holding many and varied jobs in the industry. By increasing visibility of women’s roles and highlighting the important work women do, HIA Building Women can assist in breaking down barriers to increased participation by women in the industry.


Education is a vital part of developing a career in any industry. HIA Building Women aims to help women enter, develop and further their careers in building by providing information and support on trade training, business management and the requirements for home building across Australia.


Even if you’re the only woman on your site, you’re not alone! There are other women in the same position as you, facing the same challenges. By getting together at HIA Building Women events we can support each other, share solutions to common problems and light the path to help us all grow.

Role models

HIA Building Women provides platform for showcasing women in the building industry, from multiple and diverse backgrounds. Role models and mentors sharing their experiences can play a vital role in drawing more women to the industry and illustrating pathways for career development.


We want you to be a part of HIA Building Women!
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