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How to attract more business by entering awards

Winning industry awards, or even making it to finalist position, offers businesses a multitude of benefits. It adds prestige and positions you as a leader in your field, improves your market visibility, differentiates you from the competition, can generate additional sales, and helps to motivate staff.

While entering local, state or national awards can take some time and effort, should you be named a finalist or winner, the return on that time investment is absolutely invaluable. Why is it so good? Because it’s the one piece of marketing that provides immediate credibility for your business, not just for a week or a month but for years and years – and that’s priceless.

Prestige, positioning and social proof

When assessing how beneficial winning an award could be for your business, consider the wine-bottle example. When you walk into a bottle shop to buy a good bottle of wine to take to dinner, if you don’t already know the exact product you want to buy, how do you choose one?

What influences your bottle choice? Sometimes it’s the brand; sometimes the label. But if you have no clue at all, it’s often the number of medals positioned proudly across the front of the bottle. These medals tell you that the wine is good quality, and that it’s a prestigious enough product to gift to your dinner hosts. Another example is how ‘hat’ ratings for restaurants can influence where we dine.

Business and industry awards are the equivalent of hats and medals for housing industry professionals

When your work is named as the winner or finalist of an industry or business award, this public validation from your industry peers provides a high level of assurance to your potential customers: you’ve got more credibility, they can trust in your expertise, professionalism, and the quality of your product. 
Becoming an ‘award-winner’ gives you the unique point of difference and competitive edge needed to generate more sales. In many cases, if a customer is choosing between you and another company, being able to promote yourself as an ‘award-winner’ will swing them your way. It works in much the same way as a highlevel referral or recommendation.

Promoting your award success

Winning, coming runner-up, or being a finalist for an industry award is a huge achievement. You and your work have been singled out as the best and that’s worth celebrating – and it’s worth telling people about.

As soon as you finish that hard-earned glass of celebratory champagne, it’s time to start making that award work for you: promote and publicise your success, so that every potential customer out there knows that you’re setting the new standard for excellence in your field.

  • Update your website with an article about your success straight away
  • Write a press release and send it off to your local newspaper and radio station
  • Share the news on all your social media channels
  • If you’re on Houzz, upload photos and a description of your award-winning project
  • If you have a Tradebuild profile (or any other online listing), update it to include details of your award-winning status.

Now think about how those medals work on the wine bottle. You need to add the award-winner logo to all your printed and online material so your brand becomes synonymous with ‘excellence’, ‘trust’ ‘professionalism’ and ‘award-winner’. Use the awards logo on your website, in your email signature, on any print or web advertisements you run, on your letterhead and business cards, your vehicle and other signage.

And don’t forget to display your certificate or plaque prominently in your office. If you’ve won an award from HIA, you can order additional plaques to place in multiple offices or display homes.

What awards should I enter?

There are a range of awards that you can look at – these include local small business awards and national awards such as the Telstra Australian Business Awards, as well as industry-specific awards, such as those offered by HIA.

  • The HIA Housing Awards acknowledge excellence across Australia’s housing industry; and acknowledges the hard work and innovation of all those in the housing industry.
  • HIA Business Partner Awards recognise those working ‘off-site’ to run businesses within the residential building industry. Business Partners include full-time and part-time employees and family members working in the areas of business planning, office management, customer service, sales, marketing and finance. You don’t have to be working on-site to be recognised within the industry.
  • Professional Builder/Renovator Awards recognise professionalism in the housing industry. They encourage continuous improvement in business and financial management practices and encourage a commitment to the highest standards of customer service and satisfaction. Winners and finalists of the Professional Builder/Renovator Awards are held in the highest regard for their superior business management.
  • Australia’s best kitchens and bathrooms are celebrated at the annual HIA Kitchen & Bathroom Awards. The awards recognise excellence in both design and construction, acknowledging talent and innovation from designers, manufacturers and installers. Key areas that kitchens and bathrooms are judged on include quality of workmanship, movement, access and ergonomics, appearance and innovation, lighting design, fixtures and fittings.
  • HIA GreenSmart Awards recognise the diligent efforts of environmentally-aware residential builders, designers and manufacturers. The Awards recognise those who build or design environmentally-friendly homes, provide solutions to make homes more efficient or create new products for the building industry.


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