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Marketing tips for your building business

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  • Marketing your new business

    A guide to marketing your new business This item/page is locked

    Securing your first clients is vital to establishing your future as a self-employed business owner. It might take days to find a project, or it might take weeks; but either way, there are some tried and tested methods to help you land that first job and start building up a successful business. It’s all about getting your name out there – by implementing a marketing campaign.

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  • Mobile friendly website

    Google recently announced that its search results now favour mobile-friendly websites. What does this mean? If your website isn’t optimized for viewing on mobile devices as well as desktops, your search ranking will fall, and you could start missing out on important sales and leads.

  • Using client testimonials

    Client testimonials give validation and credibility to your advertising claims. You can tell people how great you are, but potential customers are more likely to believe you – and act – if a third party also tells them how great you are.