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Stockland and Dale Alcock Homes have joined forces with the HIA Charitable Foundation to build a stunning home for sale, with all the proceeds to benefit the HIA Charitable Foundation.

HIA along with Stockland and Dale Alcock Homes, come together over 2015 and 2016 to build the inaugural HIA Charity Home in Perth. The home went to auction in March and was sold later that afternoon, with proceeds helping to address mental health issues in the residential building industry.

The four-bedroom home is an initiative of the HIA Charitable Foundation but would not have been possible without the generous support from Stockland and Dale Alcock Homes.

Stockland has donated a block of land for the project at the beachside Amberton community in Eglinton, in Perth’s northern suburbs. Dale Alcock Homes, part of the ABN Group, will be donating its services and skills to build the home.

Chair of the HIA Charitable Foundation Ron Dwyer recently partnered with managing director of the ABN Group Dale Alcock and Stockland West Australian general manager, Col Dutton at a ground-breaking ceremony on site, which marked the official commencement of the home’s construction.

Mr Dwyer said the HIA Charitable Foundation has also partnered with beyondblue in a three-year initiative to help tackle depression, anxiety and substance abuse in building and construction. “These nationwide conditions affect one in four people employed in our industry,” he said.

Industry suppliers have shown their incredible support by contributing plenty of quality products and appliances for the home. Together we are determined to see that the home attracts the best possible price resulting in substantial funds being raised for mental health in the residential building industry.

More information about who we support can be found on our HIA Charitable Foundation website