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Date: Friday 29 May
Time: 3.30pm – 5.00pm
Location: The Star Gold Coast

To further the learning opportunities available at conference, the following workshops are available to attend and are included in the cost of your conference pass (social and child pass excluded). The workshops will run concurrently so delegates can only attend one. Places at each workshop are limited so be sure to nominate your preferred choice when you register.


  • Danielle Di-Masi

    Danielle Di Masi - Digital Communication 101

    Danielle Di Masi teaches her audiences how to make their best impact online in this very noisy and transactional led business landscape. She concentrates on digital presence and shows how important it is to make as good an impression online as we do when doing business face-to-face. Danielle shares how we all have our own important brand for the world to know about, so she teaches all about why their online presence matters and how to ensure that everyone coming across them digitally sees and understands who they are. This is particularly important in this current business climate in which trust and impact are vital.

  • Michael McQueen

    Michael McQueen - Business credibility

    One of the key changes in business that will define the coming decade relates to consumer expectation. The marketplace will demand greater transparency, trustworthiness and values alignment from the businesses they engage with most – particularly from the millennial generation. Michael will work with participants of this workshop to help them identify ways to build, rebuild or maintain the brand credibility required to stay ahead of the game and drive new business opportunities. Participants will leave this session with a blueprint for becoming an individual, brand or organisation that stands for something - and reaps the rewards of doing so.

  • Peter Williams

    Peter Williams - Driving innovation

    Peter Williams is a recognised thought leader and practitioner in innovation with a particular focus on digital innovation as well as how societal and technology changes will impact the future of industries. Peter is Chief Edge Officer for Deloitte Centre for the Edge AU. It identifies and explores emerging opportunities related to big shifts not yet on the senior management agenda but ought to be. While it is focused on long-term trends and opportunities, it is equally focused on implications for near-term action, the day-to-day environment of executives and their teams. Peter’s knowledge on various industries is very diverse. His workshops look at Emerging Technology and the impact this is having on individuals & their business.