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Government support for housing

The residential building industry has a proven record of supporting jobs, productivity and taxation, during times of national economic hardship, including post GST and post GFC. 2020 will be no different.

HIA has been working with the Australian government, along with all state and territory governments, about the importance of the residential building industry and promoting our industry’s ability to actively lead Australia’s economy through the challenges ahead.

The headwinds are now strong and governments need to act collectively to take action to stabilise the existing pipeline of new home building activity and to reactivate the broader economy.

The actions by governments to date have been welcome and appropriate but more will be needed.

Maintaining residential building activity in 2020 will help to ensure that jobs are retained and vital economic activity continues.

HIA’s Home Building Recovery Plan sets out a range of measures to support home building in 2020 and 2021.

HIA looks forward to continuing to work with all Governments to ensure the residential building industry plays its role in Australia’s economic recovery.


Business Support Measures

HIA continues to work closely with the Australian, State and Territory governments to identify practical measures that can be taken to support the residential building industry in the recovery phase.

Since March, the federal government along with the state and territory governments, have implemented a number of measures to help stabilise economic activity and support businesses. Many of these measures apply to home building businesses but not all.

HIA has developed a summary of these measures to assist members.