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Site Manager for COVID-19

Site Manager for COVID-19 is a digital tool to help businesses manage site sign-in procedures on a building site. Site Manager:

  • allows builders and trade contractors to easily create and keep records of who has visited a site and when. 
  • provides builders and trade contractors with the assurance they need to meet the COVID-19 record keeping obligations.

HIA’s Site Manager QR code supports businesses required to collect mandatory contract tracing information under government requirements in your state or territory.

How Site Manager for COVID-19 works

Anyone wanting to manage site access and maintain a daily record of visitors to a building site, display home, office or workplace, can use Site Manager for COVID-19. 

Site Manager for COVID-19 uses the HIA Safescan QR code technology to facilitate contactless recording of individual site attendees.

Anyone attending the site can easily and quickly sign-in using Site Manager which provides the builder with an immediate digital record including the site location, date, time and the individual’s contact details. 

A tailored site sign is provided to place at the entry point of a site providing a simple sign-in facility for all visitors to the site.

What do you get and the costs

HIA will provide your business with your own tailored QR code and a printable site sign to place in all your workplaces. We will work with you to understand the process and tailor the sign to meet your needs.

$456 p/year

$547 p/year

Only one QR code is needed for a company allowing you to manage multiple sites with one solution.


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Already using HIA Safescan?

Companies already using a HIA Safescan product can obtain additional QR codes at a reduced rate.

How is Site Manager for COVID-19 different to HIA’s Site Induction for COVID-19?

HIA’s Site Manager for COVID-19 is a unique QR Code for your business. The Code provides a four step ‘sign in’ process that can be tailored for your business with logos and any additional steps or information you would like to share with your workforce when they enter a site.

The one QR code for your company is suitable for use across all worksites wherever mobile device coverage is available.